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Welcome to My Photography Site

I’ve always had a lot of passions. I could never pick just one thing to pursue. Music, Art, Theatre, you name it, I’ve done it. And ever since I was in high school I have loved photography. In fact I went straight from high school into the Art Institute of Atlanta just to study photography. This was all pre digital and we learned the same developing and darkroom techniques as the great masters.

PB260051_2_2It was awesome to see and dissect all the great Ansel Adams black and white photos we poured over in class and dreamt about making something as great as that one day. He was the Zone master. Some of my other favorites were Edward Westin and French photographer Eugene Atjay. Atjay was great at the photojournalistic style of portraiture, a style that I have found that I really love to shoot in too, capturing the true personality of someone. You can see some of my portrait photgraphy here.

The easiest way to make a living as a photographer back then (and today) was to be a commercial photographer. I gave it a shot but shooting corn flakes didn’t really excite me. I have done portraits and weddings too,   that is where I employed the photojournalistic style of portraiture. But this website is not about portraits.

The Blue ViolinSamm Blue1

About the photos

I have spent hours, days and years shooting and collecting photos. I have been to some great places all over the state of Georgia and in my backyard capturing images of things that strike my eye.  This website is just a sampler of my landscape and nature photography. I have enough photos to make many many galleries  and plan to make them.  My hope is that you will just enjoy these and that they bring you great joy as they bring to me.

Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes


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